Buckley Autos - Car Mechanic Dublin


I called Buckley Autos about getting my car ready for the NCT and 2 hours later they'd called to my job to collect the car and dropped it back to me about 3 hours later! Passed the NCT without a single problem/warning.
- Kevin Guerin, Donabate. Sep 2010

Went to Buckley Autos for a second quote for an big job on my Audi A3... He advised me that the car didn't even need the work-replaced of a small component and it was sorted! Saved me a small fortune!
- Rita O'Brien, Balbriggan, May 2010

I put petrol into my 08 diesel Renault Megane at Tesco Clarehall on a Friday afternoon and I tried to see could I get someone to drain the fuel out of my car. I dropped into fast fit beside the shopping centre and they gave me a Buckley Autos business card. I rang them and after ten minutes they were out and collected my car and had it back to me with in two hours. I have to say the service they provided was excellent as I would have been really stuck. I would have no problem recommending them.
- Dean Kelly, Dublin. Mar 2010